•  Introduction to the disruptive innovations that are changing the world around us
  •  Understanding of how the most innovative companies are building enormous economic value by             tapping into these innovations
  •  Deep insights into the new corporate innovation approach that is needed to do so
  •  Next steps for beginning to move your company toward this new approach
Over the last 30 years a host of new technologies have begun to change every industry driving us into a new era of human existence. The companies who have been most able to tap into these new innovations have become the most highly valued companies in the world. They have created a new approach to corporate innovation. In Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era, Silicon Valley Insiders Matthew C. Le Merle and Alison Davis share the lessons they have learned from two decades of interaction with Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, as well as other leading companies. The best-selling authors describe this new approach so every company can be ready as we enter the Fifth Era.
What the Greatest Leaders are Saying About this Book...
“The secret sauce that makes a consistently successful innovative company is one of the most explored and least understood questions the business elite is confronted with…This is now changing with this book.”

Dr. Roman Friedrich 

Managing Director AlixParters 
"The book is comprehensive providing societal and geopolitical perspectives as context for specific examples and suggestions for corporate leaders to drive innovation.”

Philipp Jung

Chief Strategy Officer HP
“If you are looking for a blue print to support your company’s innovation strategy -- this book is it. This book should be required reading for MBA students and current business leaders.”

Debbie Kristofferson

VP Marketing Drip Drop Hydration, Former VP Peets/  

“In a world of continuous, convulsive change, Le Merle and Davis cut through the fog with a compelling assessment of the big change drivers and how they will shape the new challenges and opportunities ahead.”

Paul Laudicina

Chairman Global Business Policy Council, Chairman Emeritus, A.T. Kearney 

“This book contains a great selection of lessons learned by some of the world’s largest and most profitable companies. Learning how and why those lessons lead to successful innovation is the key – and this book is a front row seat.”

Dan'l Lewin

Corporate VP Technology/Civic Engagement Microsoft
“The authors paint a compelling and provocative picture of the next era for business, when compounding innovations fundamentally disrupt the world…an easily readable and practical guide to the wild ride ahead.”

Lenny Mendonca

Retired Senior Partner McKinsey and Company
 “For the corporation making better bets on the future this is a must read; like-wise for humankind wanting to speed date this future.

Ruth Richardson

Principal Ruth Richardson [NZ] Ltd, Former New Zealand Minister of Finance 

"At Alphabet and Google, we work with companies of all sizes around the world. This book will help senior executives and board members lead their companies in this new era of faster change and innovation." 

Allan Thygesen

President Americas Google, Lecturer Stanford Graduate School of Business 

“Very insightful and pragmatic suggestions for readying companies for a new world of disruptive innovations.”

Carola Wahl

CTMO AXA Switzerland, Member of the Board AXA Strategic Ventures 

About the Authors...
Matthew C. Merle
Matthew Le Merle is co-founder of Fifth Era ( and managing partner of Keiretsu Capital, the world’s largest angel network and most active US early stage venture investor backing more than 175 companies a year. Matthew is an adjunct professor at Singularity University, best selling author and keynote speaker. He has degrees from Christ Church, Oxford (MA/BA) and Stanford (MBA). For more information go to
Alison Davis is co-founder of Fifth Era ( She is a global strategist, finance professional, public company board director and active investor in growth companies. She was CFO at BGI (Blackrock), GP at Belvedere Capital, and a strategy consultant at McKinsey and A.T. Kearney. Alison has degrees from Cambridge (MA/BA) and Stanford (MBA). She was born in Sheffield, UK and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Matthew C. Le Merle, and their five children. For more information go to
Alison Davis
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